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Turbosmart Pro Outlaw / Bracket

 Pro Stock / Outlaw Pro Stock

To see the rules for each of the classes, please click the links attached to the classes above.



Outlaw Pro Stock Rules

Outlaw Pro Stock Class is designed for Pro Tree all out Heads Up Racing.


-  Purse is $500, Plus $100 entry fee per car and payout will be 65/35 100% payout.

-  Must have 4 cars pre-registered 1 MONTH prior to the event or that portion of the event will be cancelled. If event is cancelled due to lack of participation, the $100 entry will be refunded to those that Pre-registered.

- Regulations.... Min weight 1425lbs.+-2"factory wheelbase / no limits on engine or weight / Normally Aspirated ONLY. All IHRA Rules/Safety apply.

-  Will be run on a Pro Tree

- Minimum 4 car field/maximum 8 car field.