Pro Outlaw / Bracket

Pro Stock / Outlaw Pro Stock

To see the rules for each of the classes, please click the links attached to the classes above.


Bracket Rules

Refer to NHRA/IHRA Rulebook for all 2015 Rules.  NHRA / IHRA

To be eligible for SEVWA Points & Contingency program from Autometer and other sponsors, you must be an SEVWA Member and run sponsor decals on your VW (if we have them). You do not have to be a member in order to participate in any class at the events.


SEVWA Points Contingency Program

$100 Autometer 1st place winner $50 Autometer Certificate Runner-up


New Rules for 2015

- must have one valid qualifying run to remain or move into a bracket class. ex. pro must run 7.50 -9.49

- only one bye run allowed per race per driver

- new members class determining by second race, after that no change in class. Points will carry over 1 time only.

- Must have 8 car count in both Pro and Sportsman to run for their classes Purse. If not Pro and sportsman will be combine for Pro monies.

- you can only run one class. You will have to have another car to run another class.

- Rollbar padding mandatory for all cages!

- If car has a delay box, you will need to add an X to the end of your car number.

- Must make it to Semi final round to collect Semi money.

 - Only 6 out of 7 races will count, you will throw away one event.

- All tech will be done by track.

- All turbos must have scatter shield.

- All seat belts & Helmets must be up to date and Helmets are REQUIRED in Sportsman



Super Pro (0-7.49)

* NHRA/IHRA rules apply. Please see a NHRA/IHRA Rule book link above.


Pro (7.50-9.49)

*all cars running 8.20et or slower can use the sportsman rules.

*all cars running 8.19et or faster please use the NHRA/IHRA rule book.

* this class will remain as a  NON ELECTRONICS class.

*No DELAY BOXES. All Boxes must be disconnected, if there is one in car. Can not be zeroed out. (anyone caught using will lose all accumulated points)


Sportsman (9.50 & up)

  • all cars must have seat belts
  • all drivers must have helmet
  • good tires no cracks inside walls or bald spots. slicks ok
  • hubcaps and trim rings must be removed
  • all carb's must have a return-spring
  • all fuel lines/tank must be out side of the drivers compartment
  • all cars with non-oem mechanical fuel pumps must have a safety shut off switch
  • any cars with water must have a 1pint min catch can for over flow
  • any vw trans allowed
  • all cars must have working foot brakes
  • batteries must be mounted with metal hold downs
  • batteries in stock location (should be) in a vented batter box
  • must have one working tail light
  • electronics/delay boxes etc. are not allowed (anyone caught using will lose all accumulated points) All Boxes must be disconnected, if there is one in car. Can not be zeroed out.
  • Helmets are REQUIRED for this class


At any K & L Motorsports/SEVWA event there is not a min car count in each class in order to payout in semi’s.