Bracket / Pro Outlaw

 Pro Stock / Outlaw Pro Stock

To see the rules for each of the classes, please click the links attached to the classes above.


General Rules

- All classes please remember that safety is first !

- If you see some thing that is wrong please let some one know.

- All tracks have final say in rules.

- All new cars being built please use the NHRA rule book as this is the best guide to be able to race any where!

- Refer to NHRA/IHRA Rulebooks for all 2015 Rules. NHRA  IHRA


You must be a member prior to start of qualifying at event, in order to receive points for that race.


1) Dues are $25 a year and include a monthly updates by email, Facebook & website and 2 stickers for placing on their race VW.

2) At each race you will need to turn in the race form (if needed) given to you upon joining. These forms indicate the amount of rounds you went through and will help us all keep track of the points earned.

     Entry Points (5) Elimination Points (5 per round WON) Class Win (5 extra points) Make all races (5 extra points at the end of the year)

      Only 6 out of 7 races will count, you will throw away one event.

               Once you buyback in, these points do not count

3) Classes: Super Pro....Pro.....Sportsman......Pro Outlaw

4) All drivers must have standard safety equipment. All seat belts & Helmets must be up to date and Helmets are REQUIRED in Sportsman

5) Cars must have a VW motor configuration water or aircooled, aftermarket blocks or trans are permitted. VW purpose built block such as Autocraft, Pauter, BRE, etc are excepted. No Subaru's.

6) All rules will from NHRA/IHRA rule book are the standard with track having the final say.

7) The points go towards the driver, class and car number. Changing cars during eliminations is not allowed.

8)You can only run one class. You will have to have another car to run another class.

9) If an event is cancelled (gates didn't open) you will not receive points for being there. If you entered an event and registered to race and then the racing got cancelled, yes you will be awarded the 5 points for being there.

10) If you don't pick up your purse money after a race, you forfeit that money. We will not payout after that race date. Must make it to Semi final round to collect Semi money.

11) All turbos must have scatter shield.

12) Rollbar padding mandatory for all cages!

13) If car has a delay box, you will need to add an X to the end of your car number.



All money and prizes will be given out after last race in October.

Points payout: If there is a tie for 1st the money from 1st & 2nd will be added together and split evenly. If there is a tie for 2nd the money from 2nd & 3rd will be add and split evenly. If there is a tie for 3rd the money from 3rd will be spilt evenly